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Dr. owen or Texas Childrens

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I was wondering if anyone has used Dr. David Owen with Dallas Pediatric Neurology for PANDAS. I saw his name on the PANDAS lists but could not find posts from anyone after seeing him.


I also was wondering if anyone has recently seen anyone at Texas Children's in Houston. I saw older posts that found little help there, but would like to know if any one has any recent experience with them (hoping they have started to treat PANDAs).




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I will be seeing Dr. Amber Stocco at Texas Childrens on Dec. 17. My son is newly exhibiting symptoms. We went to pediatrician today with my "PANDAS evidence" in hand. He had heard of PANDAS and said that he felt he had some kids who did have PANDAS (this was encouraging to me because it led me to believe he does think its real.)

But- in the same conversation, he said the HEAD of TExas Childrens neurology doesn't believe PANDAS exists. Soooo- I'm a bit lost. I don't want to go to a doctor that is 100% for or against PANDAS. I just want a good diagnosis for my son. Dr. Stocco is fairly young, so I'm hoping that she isn't the HEAD of the dept. and that she is more open to PANDAS. I'm also hoping my pedi wouldn't refer me to someone knowing they didn't believe in it. We shall see. I will update how it went at TCH as soon as we have our appt.

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Create a detailed log between now and your appointment with the neurologist. We used a numerical scoring criteria of symptoms to create a "daily score" (I can email you my spreadsheets if you're interested - PM me). Along with that, we noted any correlations to strep or other infections (sister had a fever, 3 cases of strep at day care, etc...)


Our neurologist was initially "on the fence" - believed it existed, but that no other treatment than the standard treatments for OCD/tourettes should be used, and if there were no elevated strep titers - there could be no PANDAS (my son has never had an elevated titre - even with positive cultures!). He took one look at our detailed logs and told us flat out that even though the bloodwork didn't fit - we were ABSOLUTELY dealing with PANDAS, and based on our logs, he couldn't deny that the abx treatment had a significant effect.


It helped us immensely early in our journey when we were trying to find local doctors to help.

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