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Psychiatrist Recommendations ME, NH, MA, CT

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My daughter is being treated for Lyme and PANDAS. We're a year into Lyme treatment and 2 years into PANDAS treatment. Things have improved tremendously but she is SICK AND TIRED of having OCD, even on a reduced level. She is on Celexa per our family doctor and I've never taken her to a psychiatrist mostly based on my own fear of dealing with unbelieving "experts."


Dr. J gave me the name of someone in CT but I can't remember it off the top of my head (anyone know who he recommends so I don't have to call) and its a LONG drive. I'm hoping to find someone closer to home (Maine) who understands lyme and pandas and knows how to treat a child with elevated antineuronal antibodies. MA is significantly closer.


Dr. J also said that kids with elevated antineuronal antibodies sometimes do well with the drug Cymbalta. Has anyone heard of that before? It typically isn't a first line treatment for ocd.


I will drive to CT if neccesary and would like names and a bit of information on anyone you have found useful and understanding of these illnesses. Thank you.

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I don't know who Dr J recommends, but I'm guessing it's Sandra Berenbaum http://www.lymefamilies.com/


But I think what you really need is someone versed in ER/P - for that, I'd go to http://www.ocfoundation.org and look for a therapist on their directory who's a BTTI graduate, which means they've been trained in ERP by the IOCDF.


Your other option would be to send an email to the IOCDF and ask them to forward your email to Dr Jenike, who has become very familiar with PANS and its implications in therapy. He may know someone closer who could help.

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Hi. I am in MA. We do see a psychologist and I could give you his name if you are interested. My DD's OCD is currently not bad so I am not sure how is he is for all cases.

I do recommend what LLM said. I have an old e-mail from Dr. Jenike that I could forward you when I am on my PC. He had a few recommendations for me. One did take insurance, but only BCBS. And the other is in the Cape and she does not take insurance, but will give you paperwork to submit. They both do ERP.

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We don't have a psychiatrist , but are seeing a neurologist at Children's in Waltham. He is starting Ian on prozac, low dose right now. He is up and up on all the PANDAS knowledge (doesn't treat it, but is up on the research, etc). If that sounds like something you would interested in, I can PM you his name, just message me.

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