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Tickborne illnesses, but Lyme negative

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Hi- from what I understand, it is pretty rare. I have heard of people treating a TBI, then later test for Lyme, and that's when the Lyme test turns positive.


For me, I had a full Igenex Western Blot, and co-infection antibody test.

My Bartonella came back very high positive, but the Lyme WB, although with some Lyme only bands showing positive, was deemed negative, I went on to do the Lyme PCR test, where they do smears of the blood, and the Lyme was clearly there, so that came back 100% positive for the Lyme.


I guess you could get Bartonella from an infected cat (I have my own story about trying to tame wild, feral kittens 14 years ago, being scratched and bit) but also was a hiker my whole life.


Babesia is now in the blood supply- people needing blood, transfusions, could get that disease this way now.


Saw your post about your other test, sorry, not familiar at all with that one- looks like a lot of us are also not that familiar with it to answer your questions about it...

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