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skin rash enough to trigger pandas symptoms?

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ds7 is doing very well in general. he had clear strep trigger 3.5 years ago. . . later found other infections, yada, yada, yada. has taken 2 yrs to clear infections, had recurring viruses. .. last 16 weeks. .. seems clear.


most pandas symptoms have resolved. .. now in muddled mess of what is slight symptom, what is poor socializaation from having brain under attack during ages 4.5 - 6.5, what is 'him'. most troublesome pandas symptoms and remaining one is overreactions in a flight or fight manner. cognitive inflexibility is very troublesome in exacerbation.


he had an exacerbation in the fall due to extreme stress. .. pulled him out of it with intense motrin therapy.


he had an skin allergy to sunscreen years ago. i thought oxybenzene was the biggest culprit but stayed away from all the oxy-s. this past weekend, i tried a 'natural' with a couple oxy-s but not what i thought was the troublesome one. i should have been more aware. . . day 2, his face looked red, one ear was red, i thought was sun exposure. didn't see any rash. slathered it on for day 2. day 3, monday -- rash all over. not really troublesome for him, he doesn't even notice, sometimes slightly scratches.


today he had a big fight with home teacher over a cognitive inflexibility issue. he didn't get it and then was extremely defensive. . . threw pencils at her . . .


an allergic reaction is an engagement of the immune system. . . could this create pandas symptoms similar to how a cold does? if i see more symptoms should i consider this moving into an exacerbation?


thanks for thoughts!

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