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stole this from and EAmom post/lloonngg article

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i am still reading this.


sorry it has been posted here already





here is the abstract that i wonder if lyme drs should focus on...


The neurobiologist Ajai Vyas, after working with Sapolsky on this study as a postdoctoral student, decided to inspect infected rats testicles for signs of cysts. Sure enough, he found them thereas well as in the animals semen. And when the rat copulates, Vyas discovered, the protozoan moves into the females womb, typically infecting 60 percent of her pups, before traveling on up to her own braincreating still more vehicles for ferrying the parasite back into the belly of a cat.


if they can find this Toxo in the sperm of a small rat, and it is then transfered to their offspring and then to the mother, why would that hold true for humans and lymes.

i never understood why they say it can be in the body, go through uterine walls, but yet not be in sperm?

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