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Oh, you are not alone. I'm still working on converting my husband and son, though my husband has been much more receptive (I've even converted him onto the concept of healthier food for our pets but that is an entirely different convo. Lol) -- my son still complains everytime we drive past a McDonald's or Wendy's because "he is the only one of his friends that never eats fast food". Last month, I gave in and got him a cheese burger and fries (which I gladly would have made him at home, but mine are not as good I guess) but I cringed inside as he ate it. Ten years ago I wouldn't have been bothered but I have been slowly gathering more knowledge over the years and seeing subtle changes in my own health from eating healthier. I actually starting on this path when looking for alternative treatments for my dog with cancer many moons ago. Have been slowly teaching myself and reading ever since.


Someday, we will get there....I am aware of my husbands stash of twinkies next to the bed, but hey, he caves to my organic only produce rules and no meats with antibiotics or hormones, etc.-- he even loves my smoothies. So...let the man have his twinkies. Same to be said of the cookies in your house. We learn to choose out battles, lol. Like, just take your damn pills!

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