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Hi Everyone!


I have been on & off the board for about 2 years. I won't tell my story again, but my son DS is 6 years old, had a pretty extreme onset. But now, he has mostly tics, mild OCD, no rage, but very perfectionist personality I have bounced between accepting the tic disorder & digging into PANDAS the whole time.


Anyway, finally followed through on a consult & blood work with Dr. T. I just received the results today & frankly I feel just as confused as before. I know I have to wait for Dr. T to review them with me. But I'd love any input/thoughts in the meantime.


THANK YOU!!!!!! :)


Here are the 'abnormal' or 'high' results:



MCV - 87 (normal 75-86)

MCH - 30.3 (normal 25.5-29.9)

EOS - 6 - (normal 0-4)



IgG p58 Ab - Present

igG p41 Ab - Present

Overall Lyme is Negative



Anti-DNase B Strep Antibodies - 234 (normal 0-77)

Ceruloplasmin - 31.8 (normal 15-30)

Streptozyme - 1:400 (normal <1:100)

Antistreptolysin 0 Ab - 284.4 (normal 0-200)


Thanks again...



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Hi Lynn-


From my parent's perspective- this looks like your son has had strep in the not so distant past. Were you aware of an infection? Has he been cultured? Has he been treated for strep?


This MAY be good news, as you MAY have found a smoking gun.


Dr T will know what to do :)

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Eljomom - I would love to talk/keep in touch. We have an in-office appointment with Dr. T on April 7th. We live in PA, so it's not that far of a commute.


Dcmom - My son has not had a recent infection that we know of, I only suspected when the exacerbation started about 5 weeks ago. That said we have had 3 positive throat cultures in the past year & also 3 other times where DS only experienced a slight sore throat & mild fever, then 3-5 days later I had full blown strep. I had severe strep from the time I was 6-16. Then it seemed to settle until recently. Now, I am starting to think my son is bringing it into the house & I am the one who get's the actual full blown...days in bed strep & he get's tics, etc.


He has been treated for strep during each positive throat culture. With the straight Amox his symptoms went away after 3-4 days on the antibiotic (2x). Then he was treated the last time with Augmentin and it almost seemed like he got worse. That didn't make sense to me & made me drop the PANDAS theory, until recently when different things kept bringing me back to the possibility.


I really hope Dr. T can point us in the right direction. Thanks for responding, I am feeling very "freaked out" right now. :)



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Dcmom - Thanks, I will ask Dr. T about the clindamycin. I am very familiar with antibiotics, but haven't heard of that one.


MichaelTampa - I'm sorry, I am not sure I fully understand your comment. However, if I wasn't clear, my DS does appear to exacerbate when sick. It's just that sometimes he exacerbates without illness symptoms or only shows very mild symptoms, that is what I think happened this last time & finally pushed me to get the blood work done. I am clueless about Lyme, all I know is it appears two strains showed up in the bloodwork, but apparently that still means "negative Lyme" since it has to be at least five???

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