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My son had IVIG with Dr. K under UHC (out of network) 2 years ago. It was covered.


We just started the process to have another one this summer. Under UHC's current position papers, PANDAS is an approved reason to do IVIG. They have a list of ICD codes for IVIG, but none of them are ones that were used by Dr. K for the first one. He will be filling out and faxing in the preconfirmation form soon, and I want to try and make sure that we use codes that are acceptable to UHC.


Anyone do a recent IVIG through UHC and know what ICD codes were used?

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We just did lVlG with UHC and dr. K last week. All the codes Dr. K provided to UHC were fine. If you told me which ones I would remember them. The J code which is for the actual lvlG was covered at 100%. not sure how much of the $2400 fee fo Dr. K I will get back. I did not have to give any money to Oak Brook Surgical. Call me if you have any question. 508.667.0574-Tiffani GOOD LUCK!


Just curious ,was your child off abx when they got worse again?

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