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Eosinophil & Eosinophil count on CBC test

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Eosinophils are white blood cells. When they are elevated it's a sign that the body is/was fighting some sort of infection, allergic response, parasite, etc.


They are also checked when some type of autoimmune disease is suspected, and can signal things like inflammation, allergic responses, asthma, and more. They tend to just indicate there is some sort of fight going on in the body, but to my knowledge they don't tell anything specific. My experience with them is I have has elevated eosinophils myself during periods of illness, even had a cat with a eosinophilia granuloma - which I was told was a type of autoimmune disease in cats that flares under stress and sometimes when they have allergies. In her case it caused her lips to swell whenever it flared up...

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I had hypereosinophila that went undiagnosed for 6 years there were at 5600 and higher at times. It mainly affected me by causing me to vomit which lead to stomach ulcers then my patand pans. The eosinophil's are under control with meds I am still trying to find a doc to prescribe pans meds. I was told by experts I have it, its been difficult to be treated with psych meds for 7 years but trying to stay strong till I can find a doctor in buffalo area that believes in treating this with steroids etc.

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