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Am i missing something, need affirmation?.

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Ds was supposed to drink it 2-4 times a day. He really only drank it twice a day like Michael. We purchased it from dr. dispensary (same brand as Michael's) for $35 for a good size bag. It lasted several months. Son was drinking it for the first 14 months of treatment and just tested that he no longer needs to drink it.


If dh has to start drinking it, I may see if a plant can be purchased and planted in the yard. It has beautiful purple flowers (cistus incantus-I believe is scientific name).

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Michael, do you think it helped? I've read rock rose is good for oral biofilms.


I do believe it helped a lot, and believe it was synergistic with the serrapeptase & detoxamin (helped a lot by its own, but combination was better than sum of its parts).




i had bought this maybe a year ago and can't remember who had recommended it or why.

i think a DAN..but i forget the why.

I see it might be good for inflammation..but with my Dan he always has a secret double ninja reason for it..i guess i could email....i hope it was him


anyway...do you still use it? is it only a short term usage.

are you using it as a anti infammatory, to thin mucus i guess, or for digestion?


If i use it at this piont in my sons treatment..is it too early..

i did give ds a digestive enzyme today as i am reading an enzyme book and his vocals are coming in strong. could that have increased them?

i guess he could herx from that right?


is it ever too early to treat biofilms?

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It's not a digestive enzyme, and I've not heard of it having use as antiinflamatory, it's for biofilm. I haven't used it for a while, nor have I used the cistus tea in a while. I recently started moving/treating heavy metals again, and am using the detoxamin again, which by the way is now illegal to produce (no fair selling things if the big pharmaceutical companies aren't getting a take), with some number left to be sold and that will be it. I am now taking Rechts Regulat, which is fermented a vegeatable/nuts product that tastes kind of like vinegar, very acidic. This may be acting on the biofilm as well. Perhaps the remaining biofilm is a little different and the Regulat works on it while the cistus tea and serrapeptase do not. I am started exercising at about the same time, and my pulse is going down, so again, a combination of things seems to be working. Anyway, not on the serrapeptase in quite a while, I don't think any of these biofilm things are going to be useful as permanent things, but only while treating.


I can't see why it would be too early to treat biofilm. Biofilm is a place all the bugs hide, so the sooner you get at that, the more effective everything else would be. Sounds strange, I don't understand how digestive enzyme would cause herxing, unless maybe it is working on biofilm? What enzyme did you give, what did the book suggest it might do?

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Just wanted to add I started Bolouke caps (Researched Nutritionals) about 3-4 weeks ago, when my new LLMD put me on a new antibiotic protocol for my Lyme-

I take 1 cap 2x a day, about 1/2 hour before my antibiotics- I am experiencing a rather consistent, but manageable herx- I feel the Bolouke may be adding a deeper penetration -

I hope it is getting some biofilms. I am taking daily lipo glutathione and other detox aids, hoping if the biofilms also have some heavy metals in them (although I don't test real high for that)

they will get escorted out.

You can buy Research Nutritionals supps online without Dr. ordering them, and although they are expensive, I do really like this product line, and am adding more of their (Dr. B's line) supps

to my protocol to help with my chronic fatigue.

I do not have my dd on Bolouke, which also helps thin the blood a little, and breaks down fibroids, but she bruises easily, so for her, I add some vitamin K drops, and her bruising goes away and is less when I am consistent with the vitamin K drops.

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