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how is bcbs federal for covering ivig?

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They approved my ds' ivig fairly easy...much easier than the pex. But get the Office of Personal Management phone number into you contacts list just in case!! They were extremely helpful...especially with speeding things up!!


Good luck!!

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One of my sons received one ivig tx under bcbs federal 2 years ago. I moved too fast for them to approve or deny so I had to pay upfront. However, my husband talked to a lot of people at bcbs and we sent in a letter of appeal about 9 months later. We ended up winning the appeal one year post ivig and we received full reimbursement, which was shocking since he did not qualify for immune deficiency. However, they later sent us a letter stating that they would not reimburse/approve any further ivig after that one tx. Not sure why. We do classical homeopathy which works much better than ivig for my sons now.

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