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Has your child ever had sugar in urine but not in blood

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Has your child ever had high sugar in Urine but not in blood? Our family has Familiar Glycourea Myself, my dad and my two PANDAS kids have sugar in our urine but blood levels are normal. It is not always in our urine but occurs randomly especially when we are sick. It is hereditary and is believed to be autoimmune. it causes no problems but is a sign that we could have other autoimmune problems. Also my nonPANDAS child has blood in his urine all the time that is believed to be from calcium crystals that cause small cuts in his kidneys(or bladder cant remember which). It also is benign except can eventually could cause kidney stones.


My two kids with PANDAS have the sugar issues and my dad and myself probably had mild PANDAS as a child and still have some OCD tendencies. My nonPANDAS son does not have the sugar issue!


I found this interesting.

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