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Can u tell me how much Prozac u give ur child and what age they are. Just wondering what works for most. Thanks for any info.


My son is on 20 mg daily, 11 years old, 120 lbs. Neuro is not opposed to going to 30 mg in child this size and age. Has helped with OCD.Has been on it since June 2011. No bad effects to my knowlegde. Seems to tolerate it fine.



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Does the prozac seem to be activation and keep him up at night?


No, I give it in the mornings----no night time issues. He is a good sleeper. Time change has thrown him for a loop- still an hour off but no activation issues with Prozac for us. I would like see a little better OCD control. Sees neurology in April. May ask to increase to 30 mg which he was not opposed to on last visit for DS weight, age and symptoms.

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