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Electromagnetic fields and tics

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I stumbled across this as a possible trigger for my son ..tics and rages


Someone on this board planted the seed in my head for me :)


We have



Dimmer switches

Wireless router box is always on



Cordless phones

Cell phones



In my sons room where he tics as soon as his little head hits the pillow !


1 foot away from his bed ...air purifier, humidifier plugged in, and 4 feet on the other side of the room, a light and baby monitor plugged in!


In the car! Satellite Sirius radio !


He only tics at the dinner table, car, and bedroom ! The dinner table is 3 feet from the chord less phone and wireless router!


Could I have stumbled across something huge here?


I turned the radio off in the car all day and no tics...In the car


Unplugged everything in his room ...no tics


Technology could be hurting my son, I would have never guessed it


Would love to hear more I'm slowly educating myself..


His tics are sooo bad in the winter and I thought dust, vitamin d deficiency, winter....inside more ! He is outside all the time in spring, summer and fall and his tics are come and go.... But if he is inside all the time around all this stuff it makes sense !




We have a newer car and after reading the link above, I want to get rid of it now :)

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I don't have references for you but the electromagnetic link to possible tic triggers has been discussed here before and as mentioned on your other thread, our holistic doctor suggested it as a possible problem when my son was younger, and his tics were at their most severe


It's very interesting that you are seeing a tic reduction by removing those fields. Supports what we found and what others have reported as well. Obviously, this is not a trigger for everyone who tics, but or those who are susceptible, it does seem very relevant

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Jens, perhaps if you made the effort to actually READ the information, you would see it IS "scientific"

Simply discounting something very relevant because you personally don't see how it could apply is not very "scientific" either.....if scientists took that attitude, some of the world's greatest discoveries would have remained undiscovered!


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How is electromagnetic fields causing tics, scientific? Show me some actual studies on this, please.


Surely it could be a mistake, but I like the principle of occams razor and electromagnetic fields are by all means new-age stuff. It's not constructive and I think you are fooling yourselves tbh.


Just to be clear, I'm not here to ruin anything I just think we need to shift our attention to what's important and start making some real effort to actually reduce tics alot. That's why I proposed a sort-of hardcore diet a la Paleo/ketogenic. If that works well for poeople, all the other random tic triggers don't matter anymore. See my point?


I'm tired of this lack of direction in the community. Everyone are just trying to find new tic triggers outside, when the answers are in inside us; neurotransmitters, hormones etc.

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Jens, please, there is ample evidence on this forum, as well as in other places, that show that what is outside the body, i.e., in the environment that surrounds us, can and often does indeed affect what goes on inside the body.


There is also ample scientific documentation regarding the relationship between electromagnetic fields and epileptic seizures, a disorder directly related to the function of neurotransmitters.

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you may want to find another community then, as ACN is here for the very purpose of COMPREHENSIVE neurotherapy and alternative ideas, not just conventional and "scientific" studies. I studied and worked in medical research for years and sorry but I don't have quite the "infallible" view of "scientific" that you seem to have


I linked the discussion above re MM Glaser on electro-magnetic effects on neurology so I suggest you read it for yourself

There is plenty of other info if you start Googling it too


I know the very clear effect that changing my son's bed and other electro-magnetic effects in his room had on his night time peace and even now, where he is an adult, entering into strong electro-magnetic fields can set off tics


so...as "unscientific" as it may be...the proof is in the personal results


and, in case you have never read the link in my signature...I have been talking about how diet and supplements helped my son since 2003........and diet features prominently in Sheila's book too and other posts here........ so you aren't proposing anything new....you obviously have not read the info that many of us have posted re diet!


again, I think you need to consider the mission of ACN and if you do not feel you can accept it, perhaps another community is better suited. But coming on here and "flaming" people is not acceptible.

Here is our homepage in case you have not seen it http://www.latitudes.org

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Hej Jens,


Normally I would agree with you, but this isn't really one of those hippie new age health forums. Electromagnetic fields do have influence on the body and may affect tics in some people. IIRC there has been at least some scientific research done on this.


It's not like that's on the same level as those magnetic bracelets that are supposed to make you stronger or whatever by "realigining your electromagnetic field." Now that is nonsense.

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