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Please wish me luck....

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We are leaving early in the morning for our long drive to Florida to get a one week refresher CBT for my daughter and son. For those who don't remember, my daughter was at Rothman Center for 3 weeks for their Intensive CBT program last summer. Since she has been doing so poorly the past few months, she has lost many of the skills she learned to cope with her OCD. Since we are on spring break we decided to just take a ride (13 hrs....ugg)back down for another visit. Of course, we will also have a follow up with Dr. M. while we are there. Maybe she can offer some words of wisdom. We are also taking my middle son for CBT. This will be his first experience, but he isn't as severe as my daughter so I think one week should at least get us started with him. We are going to try to get him in with Dr. M also while we are there. They are trying to work him in as a new patient but haven't had luck yet. She said once we were there they would probably fit us in somewhere during the week. We were able to get my daughter in because she has been there a few times before.


The ride down is always a bit stressful with three kids and a tense husband at the wheel. I'm trying to make it seem more like a vacation, talking about the beach and so forth. The younger kids are excited. My teenager isn't buying it. Usually the ride goes about as well as however my daughter is feeling. If she is miserable, everybody is miserable. She has been know to rage and scream for up to an hour while riding in the car. Very stressful for the driver. I am armed with movies, a borrowed DVD, nintendo's, I-pods, coloring books, paper dolls, cross word puzzles, everything I can think of to distract her. I can hardly ever get her to sleep in the car. So, anyway, please pray for a safe stress free trip for my family. Maybe we will come back with some answers or at least some new coping skills.



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I'm sending prayers for you and your family as well. Would some soft music from a CD help? We use to put in this one CD when we traveled with our kids, it was an instrumental, and it put them to sleep in minutes. God Bless You and your family. We live in Florida and the weather is very pleasant here now, if that helps!

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Have a safe trip. We would leave early in the morning and put the boys in the car in their pjs. I would try to drive until we need gas (5-6 hrs) and then stop for brunch. Usually my boys will sleep the whole time. The afternoons get a little rough. Hope everything works out.

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