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Links to recent research please....

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Hi, I am wondering if anyone might be able to provide links to recent, well researched papers that discuss the benefits of IVIG for treating children with primarily OCD as opposed to tics. Our Paed.Neurologist here believes that the treatment wont benefit OCD symptoms and I need some credible information to take back to him. Also, I would like our DS to take a prophylactic dose of ABX but doctors wont prescribe more than ten days worth, believing that the abx are only required to treat an active infection. If you know of any recent credible research/paper that discusses the benefits of proph. Abx particularly in relation to their immune modulating effect you please point me in the right direction. Thanks so much!

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Kel- that is rough, I don't think there are many (if any) publications that recommend longer term abx.


What I would suggest is finding out details about two studies, and presenting this to your doc.


University of South Florida (under Dr Eric Storch and maybe Dr Tanya Murphy) are studying the use of an antibiotic (not sure which) coupled with CBT (therapy) for ocd.


The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in Bethesda, MD (under Dr Sue Swedo) are studying the use of IVIG for PANDAS.


The recent "white paper" by Dr Swedo mentions IVIG, and lays the groundwork for dianosis- and actually highlights ocd as the main symptom.


I would think if you presented these three things to an open minded doc, he would consider short term trials. I believe he could easily contact USF and the NIMH, also.


I am short on time now- but if you have trouble finding this info- let me know and I will locate it.....



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