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Constipation while on abx....anyone else?

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DD 10 has some constipation though she has been on abx for since 1-5. She was rapid test strep positive until the last visit (2-29 waiting on culture still.) She started zithromax 250mg per day on 1-25. I stopped her probiotics on 2-1 based on the advice of a close pharmacist friend who felt they may be inhibiting the effectiveness of her abx (despite timing them 6 hours apart from her abx.) She has made sx gains by leaps and bounds since a few days after stopping the probiotics (2-1 rapid test was still positive despite 6 days zithromax).


She has shown no signs of complications from the abx w/o probiotics. I can easily treat the constipation, but I was wondering for those who do not give the probiotics with the abx, how common is this? I would have thought she would have diarrhea by now, not constipation.

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The first time my daughter was on zithro, she had horrendous constipation. Her doctor said she had seen this happen more than once with other kids. It got so bad at one point, we were using just about every laxative available. In the end, we used Miralax, but I misunderstood the dr's instructions and gave her more than twice what she was supposed to get. It did work, though.........


Now that she has been on zithro for well over a year, we use the probiotics because she now has problems with diarrhea, stomach upset, etc., but we don't dare stop taking it.

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