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Plasmapharesis at Georgetown

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For those of you who have had plasmapharesis at Georgetown. When you go for the initial appt on Monday what do they do(exam, bloodwork?)? If they do bloodwork what are they looking for? Do you leave after that and return Tuesday morning to begin inpatient treatment? When do they put the line in, Monday after appointment or Tuesday morning? How long does the treatment run each day. Do they give meds during treatment(like benadryl)? How did your child feel during the stay (tired, sick, fine)? Do the kids return to school immediately after treatment?


Sorry for all the questions just want to be prepared.




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They might draw blood on the first day (blood typing and maybe a few others) You leave and return Tues morning.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Georgetown. It is only a few blocks away. there is a hotel connected to the hospital that might be available.

No premeds were given.

The treatment lasts 3-4 hours or so a day - depending on size of kid and a few other variables.

My kids felt fine.

There is a difference of opinion in returning to school- though the hem/onc docs were not the ones with the diff of opinion. It seems to be among PANDAS parents! From what was explained to me, you are NOT immunosuppressed post pex- like you are with steroids or other things. If strep or colds or whatever set your kid off, I would avoid it, I guess- but I do not think it is dangerous or anything to go back.

I will PM you, too

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