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Major tic flare up


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My DD's tics are off the chart right now. She was doing well for quite awhile. She is 11 and is currently doing a sniffing tic, an arm snapping tic, a neck roll, a nose and eye tic and one where she keeps hitting herself in the face. she is also doing a tic where she is constantly waving the air infront of her face. Also if she knocks her elbow on something she mmediately has to knock it again and then do the pattern again over and over a few times. she is still on all her supplements. We added in methyl B12 and folapro about 4 weeks ago - to help her with her inattentive ADHD. I removed her omega 3's and vitamin D when her tics started to ramp up again. I have no idea what to do?? I start to question if all these supplements and vitamins and diet are doing anything or if the good times aren't just the normal waxing and waning of tics. ugh. Any idea what else to try.?? We have increased her magnesium to help, but nothing is putting a dent in them..... She is exhausted by the end of the day. When she kept hitting herself the other night I was wishing I had a sedative to relax her for a few hours and give her some relief!

I still often wonder about PANDAS since she has strep infections all the time. But I can't find anyone who will support it in Ontario, Canada.

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honestly, with that history of strep I would most definitely be investigating a PANDAS connection!

Have you posted on our PANDAS board? Parents there may be able to help you with PANDAS literate physicians


If it is TS, then nomatter what you do, sometimes "inexplicable" waxing can happen...

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