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Prednisone rash, not sure.

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Ds17 is 4 days into 40mg of Prednisone. Last night, despite being cold, he had a hot-to-the-touch, sunburn-like rash shaped like a broad inverted V down his chest. Back of his arms, too. There were some spots around it. I kept an eye on him. It was better, but different today. No itching, so I dosed him.


There are more dots today on his chest, but no "sunburn" or heat. The dots are flat, and they look like someone took a pencil eraser and touched him repeatedly leaving pink dots.


We only have three more days to go. I'll be so disappointed if he cannot continue. I'm not seeing anything on the net about rashes, and he has had one odd, unexplained rash in the past. It could be coincidence.


I guess I'll know tonight or tomorrow because I suppose it would flare up again if indeed it is a drug reaction.


Anyone out there seen anything like this? :unsure:

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Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); (My link.) I did however work in pharmacy for 20 years and do not recall a rash associated to prednisone, BUT I am not saying it could never happen.


To your knowledge, has he been exposed to chicken pox or measles? If so, both can present more strongly when a person is on immunosuppressive agents.


Have you called the doc yet?

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Thank you for your replies.


Well, I think it is definitely the Prednisone. Although there are no new spots, ds developed a very red, hot sunburn-like rash all over his face this evening. I'm sure he isn't sick, and he is not on any abx.


Lauren, did you have to discontinue the Prednisone?

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Hi tiredmama-


So, the "rash" you posted about in your last entry sound a bit like flushed cheeks. Could that be what he is experiencing?


My dd tends to get flushed cheeks sometimes from pred, caused by low potassium. Pred can deplete potassium. It can be helped by increasing dietary intake of potassium (bananas, cantaloupe, raisins, oj, etc).


If, however, there is a rash, I would seriously consider taking him to an allergist. Get photos when the rash is most visible. Really, only an allergist is going to be able to determine the cause of the rash. The worst thing you can do is stop the pred and assume it is an allergy, and potentially eliminate this very important treatment as a possibility for your son.



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