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Strep while on augmentin?


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Hello everyone,

My ds8 was recently exposed to strep from a playmate, and woke up with a sore throat and mild fever. I ttook him to our ped, who is also a pandas skeptic, but is the best of the non believer docs we have seen. Anyway, he did not want to do a culture because he insisted that since he is on a treatment dose, 1000 a day of augmentin, there is no way he could have strep. Well I insisted anyway and he agreed to culture this time only. My question is, is there any truth to what he said? My instincts say he can still get strep, but I am curious to the science behind it. The doc said that with augmentin specifically, he would not get strep.

Also, does anyone (maybe momwithocdson) or someone else in the Chicago area know of a pandas friendly ped? Preferrably south or west suburbs?

Oh, and we got an email about submitting our story for a pandas episode on Anderson cooper. Any thoughts on this? I am hesitant to expose our son to the publicity but would also like to help the cause.

Sorry for so many topics in one, but I haven't had a chance to write in a while, so I have been "saving it all up."

Thank you!

Sharon ant pat

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My son has previously gotten strep while on azith (proph dose and full dose), and then just recently while on full strength Augmentin.


Our pediatrician said, while it's unusual it can happen. He told us that there are many strains of strep, and some are more resisitant to certain antibiotics than others. While on the Augmentin, he may have gotten a strain that doesn't respond to that. He boosted us with a short course of Azith.


Of course, less than a month later we were positive again :)

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The immunologist that we recently saw explained to me that the strep titers will go up any time he gets sick with a virus, immunizations or other illness.


Could you please elaborate on this? My girls see Dr. B and he has never said anything that indicated this, but ASO/DNAse B go up, he treats strep; myco-p IgM goes up, he treats myco-p.


How does he explain the cross-reactivity? I mean, if noneof the labs measure what they are reported to measure, what good are they????


**Oh, I wanted to add that there are a few of us on here who have noticed our kid's symptoms rise and fall with the level of DNAse B titers, so I'm not saying your doc is completely off the mark, just wondering if he provided any explanation?

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