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Le Roy.....looks like they've been cured!

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If two of them are CDC positive from a standard lab, my goodness, that's quite a high hurdle, in my guessing likely several more also have lyme.


I was thinking the same thing!


I'm also thinking that they all have (or had) strep as a trigger. About 37% of those with cultureable strep won't get a rise in either ASO or anti d nase b... 5/8 of the girls tested positive for Strep, the 3/8 that didn't, well 3/8 is just about as close to 37% as you can get!

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When Dr. T ordered blood tests for my daughter, we did everything through Quest. It seemed like he ordered tests for just about everything, from lyme to Wilson's disease. When she was really in bad shape, it seemed like she was going for blood tests at least once a month, if not more often. Her ped did the tests that she could, but we still had to go to Quest for some of the more "exotic" ones. We had strep levels done on all of us.

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Good old Batavian and Mechtler at it again...


new article: Batavian


If this wasn't such a serious matter, involving real kids' lives, Mechtler's media peacock dance would be laughable. Owens, the "journalist," seems like he just doesn't have the capacity to understand what he's reporting on and is under Mechtler's spell (do they practice hypnotism at Dent, too?). So while this is totally irresponsible (ahem) reporting, I find his offenses less egregious than Mechtler's.


In this, Mechtler takes more pot shots at Dr T, with statements such as:


"Dr. Laszlo Mastler, medical director of the Neuro-oncology Department at the Dent Neurological Institute, said he knows of no definition in medical literature of "PANDAS-like" illness.

He said it would be up to Trifilletti to share his diagnosis with the medical community if he's discovered a new illness.

"He should publish his findings in a medical journal, which would mean a formal review to be accepted, with strict academic and scientific proof," Mechtler said.


BTW the term "academic proof" is pretty meaningless-- academic publications would refer to and require the same type of info/evidence/support that'd be contained in anything that is counted as "scientific proof," and it'd be the same set of publications, anyway. And if there was the former category of proof without the latter, it'd be pretty worthless because it'd just mean someone, in an academic context, put forth some theories/ideas. So these are not really two distinct categories-- it's just Mechtler 's same old semantic sh--, trying to make himself/his dx appear more valid and credentialed in order to seem superior and intimidate.


And yet, when it comes to his dx, apparently scientific proof of the disorder's existence is irrelevant. It is, after all, a disorder proven by an absence of proof--that is, it is proven to exist and is diagnosed based on the lack of evidence that it is something that's proven to exist and can be given as a diagnosis. CD is basically a "we don't know what the $#!@ is going on here so we'll just say it's an emotional, hysterical female thing" sorta medical diagnosis... And when it comes to self-appointed demi-god Mechtler, he has no need for other objective evidence, like labs, or even following the standards w/in his own field for dx'ing CD (that all else be ruled out- looking for organic illness and finding no evidence of (a known) one is, after all, CD's "formally reviewed academic and scientific proof").


"Neurologists at Dent have diagnosed 15 patients from Le Roy with conversion disorder, and concluded the situation in Le Roy is a rare case of conversion disorder spreading as mass psychogenic illness.

MPI, according to Trifilletti, is a diagnosis that 'can never be supported or refuted by objective findings.'

Mechtler disagrees with the assertion.

'Conversion disorder can be diagnosed based on an examination,' Mechtler said. 'This is something I've tried to explain to the media early on. It is not a diagnosis of exclusion. Any neurologist can pick it up on an examination.' Hysterical blindness, Mechtler said, is an example of a conversion disorder that a doctor can detect on a first office visit.' "


Umm... that's actually not what the "scientific" research and literature that I've found seem to say about it, dude.


As far as academic mojo goes, I'm thinking Mechtler must've bombed lit/humanities-- b/c he's obviously not seeing the hubris thing here. Ah, but I do enjoy a good downfall...


PS: One of our own has delivered a few nice counters in the comments on that article. Way to go, D!

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