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French video--interesting!

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I also posted this on the PANDAS forum



This is very interesting. I am doing a lot of research on GcMAF which is a naturally occuring product that restores the immune system. In the same way, the fact that the work in France has positive results in nearly 80% of children shows that autism for most people may have its roots in a viral or bacterial infection. Dr Bradstreet in America has had a lot of success with this, it was he who discovered the fact that autistic children tend to have elevated nagalese levels, and put two and two together and started using GcMAF to bring down the levels (elevated nagalase levels are seen in people with chronic illnesses such as cancer and HIV and show that the immune system is not coping)


Now that the French have also discovered that autism can be helped by antibiotics, and they also come up with the figure of 80%, which may be the number of people who are autistic due to an overload of infection.


This posting shows the mechanics of GcMAF and nagalase and gives anecdotes from some parents http://www.naturaltruth.co.uk/index.php/home/entry/vaccinations/gcmaf-offers-hope-to-autistic-people

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Dr. Klinghardt, a very well known doctor who treats lyme disease (an infection-based disease), has said that his experience is that 90% of the autistic patients he sees have lyme disease and are helped by lyme disease treatment. So that is a similar thought and number.

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