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Surprise, surprise, DS10 (Lyme, possibly PANDAS) is homozygous for the C677t mutation. (He is normal for the other mutation they test for). We will start to supplement with the 5methylfolate and hope that makes a difference. He has been on b supplements and NAC for about 2 months and we have seen a lot of improvement with everything except tics.


So..I have read that C677t is pretty common (1.5 - 15% of the population, if I read the Quest results right) but STILL. Isn't it significant that our affected kiddos keep coming up positive on these? I also read to avoid Nitrous Oxide if you have this mutation. Dentists use it a lot for pediatric uses (and don't some teens use it recreationally?) It sounds like it can be extremely dangerous for this subgroup.

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