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Photo file?

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the only way you can upload photos here is if they are "hosted" on the web...ie in a photo album that you can link to.

Then you can either post them in a Private Message or on a post by clicking the little picture icon in the tool bar box of each post or PM . You just click it and then add the URL link to the image, wherever it is hosted. Photobucket has free albums as do many other sites



hope that helps

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Hi Jen,


My son gets a lot of rashes, if you want me to take a peek to see if your ds's looks familiar, feel free to pm me. Not that we've ID'd all of ds's rashes, but I know what some are and could at least say if it looks familiar and share anything docs may have suspected or shared with us re: similar rashes.


I don't know of a way to upload a photo file directly to this forum-- I doubt it'd be possible b/c of server space/bandwidth issues. As far as websites go, forums are already pretty demanding on the hosting side (the server--computer-- where the site physically resides) and if members were able to upload photos, files, etc. to the database it would chew up significant storage space and bandwidth. (*explanation below)


But sharing photos (and files, resources, etc.) came up in another thread recently and I raised the idea of creating a separate web space for that so we could have a browsable collection or database of shared images, info, etc. It seemed people were interested in that idea and I offered to set up something along those lines for the group, as long as it'd be something that would benefit this forum community, but wouldn't in any way compete or distract from it.


Perhaps a good test run/short term solution would be a group photosharing account. That way, the individual images could be included in our forum posts here (notice if you click the insert image tag you can enter a url to link to the image). I'd be happy to setup and administer such a group and if we decided down the road we wanted a more formal "PANS library" sort of website I could produce that for the group, too-- it's part of what I do professionally.


Oh-- you could also upload your rash pic to a photosharing account of your own and post it here.




-thenmama-- probably as or more exhausted and delirious right now than the pack of tween girls we've got camped out downstairs




The probably-more-than-you-need/want to know explanation about how all this stuff works:


*Bandwidth is the transfer, or carrying back and forth of data or files, etc. stored on the disk. It's sort of like the process and energy of getting things out of a closet to use and putting them away again when done. If forum members could upload files, especially large image/media files, the closet (database/disk space) would get crowded or overstuffed, and the stuff that needs to be carried would be quite heavy so more energy would be expended per trip back and forth to the closet, which either reduces the number of trips one can make in a given period of time, and/or makes the process slower. Whenever we load the forum page, login, click to open a thread, make a post, submit a post, etc. we are getting things in and out of the closet (database). With web hosting, excessive demands on storage and bandwidth make performance suffer and usually jacks up the price of hosting, and if the demands exceed the monthly limits of your account your site could be shut down, temporarily or permanently, by the hosting company. The reason I proposed an offsite resource/storage option was so we would all have a common place to share/access files, but because it'd be in a separate closet it would not interfere with the functionality of this one (or ask too much of the generous folks who provide us this space).

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