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Picked up some magnesium taurate at Vitamin Shoppe


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Hi, I've been reading this thread/forum for a while and needed some advice. :)


I took something called magnesium aor brand vitamin K, it has potassium, citrate, and taurine. I felt like I was on some kind of upper, though. My anxiety disorder got way worse and I slept for two hours after feeling so hyperactive. I am waiting on "Magnesium taurate" cardiovascular research in the mail that my dad is shipping to me since I am in canada. What would have made me panic, though? I am good at controlling my anxiety disorder/having attacks and haven't had one in over 6 months but this...stuff, it made me feel like I did before even doing therapy. I can feel happy and not anxious but it's still there. I think I am very magnesium deficient, I have all of the symptoms, especially very bad pms. My anxiety gets worse right around pms and I do have estrogen dominance which does deplete magnesium so I've read. Taking natural progesterone which isn't really helping but am not going to give up on it. Anyway, is taurate, taurine? Was it what caused me to panic or was it potassium and taurine? Thank you for any help!!!!

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taurate is the chelated form of the amino acid taurine.


If you think you may be sensitive to taurine, then you can use other forms of magnesium (we like the Natural Calm ionic form of mag citrate) Taurine does not usually increase anxiety, but there are some people who do not react well to it.

You might also have been reacting to the potassium in that supplement, but usually anxiety is associated with low potassium.

Vit K is also generally though of as an anxiety calmer


are there any "other ingredients" in that supplement you took?

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Taurine by itself makes me sleepy.


Magnesium taurate makes me sleepy.


I stopped using all magnesium supplements, however, because:


1) Magnesium Malate gave me heart palpitations


2) Magnesium Glycinate gave me heart palpitations


3) A blood test revealed that my magnesium levels were right at the upper range of normal (so perhaps that's why magnesium supplementation gave me heart palpitations as it caused me to have too much?)


Magnesium taurate is the only one that didn't give me heart palpitations, but I haven't taken it since April of last year or so.


I'm told that heart palpitations from magnesium are very rare. In fact, it's often used to treat heart palpitations.


I do sometimes take 500 mg of taurine before bed, though, because like I said, it makes me sleepy.

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