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Thanks Karen. Very interesting. I wonder what she recommends if the zithromax does not work in cases that have been going on longer. Anyone know this? Karen? I wonder if we should go back and try zithromax again....we were only on 100 mg/day and it looks like that was less than HALF what my dd should have been on!!

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Dr. Schulman is incredible. Here she is treating PANDAS in a community where it is apparently prevalent and she is willing to thoughtfully expound on the diagnosis, treatment, and follow up for others to glean from!


Even her treatment protocol! Thank you Dr. Schulman!!!

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Which magazine month is this in? Went to find it in the store but the March issue was already out and it was not in that one. Was it in February?


In the fine print at the end of the article it says it's from the April 2012 issue. I haven't gotten mine yet ( I have a subscription). But I'll post when I see it!

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