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I PM'd also. AND I am cautiously excited.


My son has been struggling with a virus for a couple weeks, and has also had much more tics and anxiety (a total blowout one night until he collapsed from exhaustion). I don't know that he has Pandas/Pans but I think it worth looking at even if it eliminates the possibility. I am cautiously excited that my Dr. agreed with ordering the titres test but then didn't because she wanted to investigate exactly what is needed. The Dr. prescribed Omnicef 300mg AM and PM because he has a sinus infection and flonase. Will taking the antibiotic now affect the titre test if it is done in a day or two? Also, have I read that he might possibly show an improvement being on the antibiotic that we might observe and then get worse when he goes off of it (the Dr. has it a higher dose for 8 days rather than 10 days) and that if that happened it would make a stronger case for it to be Panda/Pans?

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