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No Crying?

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Hello All, My DD has a much shorter temper towards everything these days, is easily angered, depressed, but rarely cries about what she's going through. Our psychologist even made a comment that she saw no tears when my DD got pretty upset during a session. The comment certainly irritated my husband and I, but got my husband wondering, which brings me to my question. Have any of your children showed a lack of emotion (mainly crying) while their symptoms were in high gear? My DD is strong minded and has been fighting this will all she has, but hasn't shed a tear since it all started! It seems like the majority of PANDAS stories I've read state that children will become much more emotionally labile with increased crying. I certainly don't want her crying all day, but everyone has a breaking point, Right??? I'm thinking that this is due to the basil ganglia being affected, but would love to hear any of your thoughts....

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My daughter would wail and make sobbing noises, but no tears.

I definitely related it to some kind of neurologic issue, like the inappropriate laughter she did and other strange things.

I would not say that a lack of tears is a lack of emotion on your daughter's part. I think something makes it so they physically cannot cry.

Probably makes no sense to the neurologists, but to this PANDAS mom, it does ;)

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My DS did not cry. When upset, he got very angry and lashed out. He did not cry for a very long time. The first time we saw him cry when things didn't go well, after he had been started on abx, I wanted to celebrate.



Kind of a similar thing here. He cries more now when upset/frustrated than he used to. He is nearly 13 now. His reaction is much like Nicklemama's DS.

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Same here. DS8 never cried. He would scream, yell, shriek, and show signs of anger, but not sadness. He would even make wailing sounds, almost as if he was imitating someone else crying. Then sometimes he had periods of sadness, but it was an empty, hollow, depressed sadness. No tears. We later discovered he has lyme in addition to PANDAS, and 2 months into lyme treatment he started crying. Real tears! Real sadness! Now his emotional responses are more "normal" and more varied. He doesn't go straight to M-A-D about every little thing. His mood is still very labile and he still has a long way to go.


One doctor we saw years ago, said that we had to help him find his way past the anger to the tears in order for him to heal. Blah, blah, blah. This was a medical doctor and he did nothing medical to help.


It sounds like your DD is tough! Her strong mind will help her get through all this. I wouldn't be surprised if she starts crying as she starts healing. But then again, not everyone is a crier. It could just be her personality.

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My dd14 had been going through constant sneezing for 12 months and then could not speak for the next 14 months - I do know that throughout this time she

never cried at all or showed very little emotion but just accepted it and delt with it in her best way.

We often wondered and asked her why not scream and cry and show us some emotion hence no explanation.

Today she has just started speaking again and still she will not express her feelings or show emotions or elation

she just accepts the hand she is dealt with good or bad ??

We do struggle with this too

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