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I keep reading about high doses (12-18g per day. Yes, grams) being used to treat OCD.


This is supposedly due to some effect on serotonin.


Has anyone noticed a changed in tics from Inositol?


Or libido? I know SSRIs can kill libido so I'm worried about the serotonin effect. That being said, I've also heard about people using Inositol to treat PSSD (post SSRI sexual dysfunction).



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that high dose of Inositol is only supposed to be used in OCD crisis and short term


using high doses longterm can start having a negative effect.


Optimum regular daily dose is usually around 1gm


as it is a B vitamin, it likely does have a positive effect on tics too, but I have not heard of it being specifically suggested to reduce tics,


according to this site there is no real data on libido, tho some sites say a slight damping but nothing like with SSRIs http://www.raysahelian.com/inositol.html

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