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I havent been to this forum in ages!! My son is now 12, his diagnoses are tourettes, pdd nos, and mood disorder nos. He has suffered with tics since about 5 years old to present. I am posting today because of what my sons issues have transfomed into over the years and I am not sure if I ever discussed wha I want to describe today in the past on these forums.


There are doctors who believe that tourettes is a disorder just of tics, vocal and motor, and there are doctors who think that tourettes encompasses so much more. So I am here to ask, does your child have tics plus other related issues like anxiety, OCD, compulsions, impulsivity, trich, anger, moods etc? i am trying to decide what I think is what with my son. My son definitely has pdd nos: random social impairments and lack of ability to understand others but not to the extent as autism. Anyhow, there is anger, agitation, and explosiveness. There is definite depression and some hypomania. And then there is the tics (vocal and motor), brain tics like thoughts he gets stuck on, OCD, very high anxiety, compulsive behaviors with impulsivity....I think all that is one beast - tourettes, or at least is all in the same universe.


Do you see any things with your child's tourettes other than just the actual vocal and motor tics?

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Hi and welcome back


Tourette disorder is described as a syndrome and so yes, it can encompass all or some of the other things you describe. It can also manifest as just tics, simple or complex.


I am not sure which doctors say it is only tics? as they are not being accurate!

When my son was first diagnosed, we were clearly told about the assorted disorders that can be co-morbid in the syndrome.

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hello new here our son was diagnosed 2 years ago with 9 of the 12 symptoms of tourettes very mild now his arms shake not constant but u can see it getting worse. he has ocd with anxiety disorder what i dont understand is he dont do it at school he comes home and wow he is off the chart.

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