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Prozac making her insomnia worse.

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Hi Lilly

I am not sure what the prozac was diagnosed for...but I can say that when my son was given Luvox (a similar SSRI to prozac) everything became far far worse for him, and it was not improved till we weaned him off it.

I have heard other reports that some kids just do not tolerate these SSRIs well

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I'm 17 and I suffer from both OCD and insomnia. I started taking prozac when I was 5 (for OCD) and stopped taking it when I was 12. While I took it I got at most 4 hours a night. I'd wake up feeling fine, but it got me in the habit of getting that small amount of sleep. It does interfere with sleeping habits in 33% of people who take it though.


Make sure she's not taking naps. Try to get a schedule set up where she goes to bed and wakes up at the same time everyday. Also melatonin is a supplement (it's naturally made in your body) that you can take with prozac to help with sleep. Also try valerian root.


Other than that unless it's severely affecting her the neck day I wouldn't worry too much about it. If it helps her OCD then it's always a huge plus.

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