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PANDAS experts willing to work with local doc?

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My daughter's naturopath is willing to run lab tests and prescribe meds. I think we will need some advice from an expert due to my daughter's complexity, dysautonomia, psoriasis, hashimotos, mvp, food/inhalant allergies. Do any of these docs do phone consults with patient and then recommend tests and treatment to local dr? We are traveling already from AZ to VA to see autonomic specialist this Feb 6th. I am trying to avoid another travel due to expense and the sig challenge to travel with daughter (15 y/o).


any advice is appreciated. I did get an email response from dr K that it is likely my daughter has PANDAS based on her hx. I just want to pick the dr that would encompass all her autoimmune issues and understand dysautonomia. There are not too many experts that treat dysautonomia and none on the west coast. The famous expert is a one year wait: dr grubb in Ohio.


big thanks!

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