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Just need prayer

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Dear Friends,


I just need some prayer this evening and tomorrow. My family is scheduled to fly to New York, NY and then on to Connecticut on Wednesday morning and come home on Thursday night. It will be two constant days of travel and bag dragging so that we can see a great doctor.


My husband has had digestive issues lately and today when he got home from work he was positively yellow. His eyes, his skin, everything. Took him to the ER and he is having his gall bladder taken out in the morning because it is full of stones. I had to leave him there in the er so that I could take care of our two kids and administer their meds for Lyme/Bart/Babs. He is my rock and steady presence and I miss him being home with me and it is only the first night.


Without going into all of the details, we had to change our appt with the doc because of an error in their office and it has already cost me $600.00 in flight cancellation fees. Airline will not waive fee and can only get travel credit for cancelled tickets. Moved the appointment up to this week, because I didn't want to wait three months or fly on Valentine's Day. Those tickets cost me $800 more because we booked so close to our flight (and had to use a different airline, so out more money for now). Anyway, I did purchase flight insurance so I can get husband's ticket refunded, but now I will be traveling alone with two children with Lyme. One has OCD about the other. Also, now I will be driving alone in NYC which I have been dreading as I had to do it once before.


To further complicate this story, I am supposed to have a job interview tomorrow with a not for profit. It would be a great job with excellent insurance. I think you can see why I need that. I am calling first thing to try to reschedule that for Friday when I get back.


I know I am whining, but my heart is heavy and my brain is fried. Dear hubby is not in any pain and he is being looked after by a good looking nurse (his words) and when he comes home from the surgery, his mom and my stepfather will take very good care of him. Pray for him for healing and strength for me.

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I'm so sorry you're being hit with all of this. The financial and emotional stress must be overwhelming.

When I was growing up, Cecil B. DeMille had released the movie "Moses", where Charlton Heston learns he's been "chosen" - supposedly the real Moses stuttered, had no education and had a brother who was way better spoken and likeable. Moses was like "What? Are You Crazy?? I can't do this! You've got the wrong guy. It's my brother you want." and God was like "Ummm...I don't make mistakes. You're my guy."


I know it feels like you can't do this. That some manic taxi driver will crash into your rental car, you'll get on the wrong bridge out of NYC and end up in Hoboken, NJ instead of Darien, CT and your kids will be in total meltdown before you even get to the office. Maybe all of this and more will happen. But trust that you have what it takes and you will get through it. You're in my thoughts and my own version of prayers.

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Quick dinner break before I get to take my hubby back home. He had the surgery and all went well. The gallbladder was very inflamed and now I know why my husband was having so much fatigue, stomach upset, and nausea. He is still yellow, but the color is receding and should be gone in a couple of days. He can't drive, travel or fly for at least a week.


Rescheduled the job interview for Friday. They were very nice. It is a place that I have volunteered for in the past, so I hope that helps my chances.


Cancelled the doctor's appointment. Hoping that with doctor's note, that we can get the travel insurance to pay for this set of tickets. We will be going on the 14th of February to Darian.


It just felt more right to stay home and take care of my husband than leave him to be taken care of others. Went with my gut on that one. His mother is 86 with two artificial hips and my stepfather has osteoporosis. Their spirit is willing, but their flesh is weak. I am blessed and my husband will be healthy again soon.


Tonight I am sleeping the sleep of the comatose.


Thanks for all your wellwishes,


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Thanks for the update, Cobbie, and all the best. Glad you "went with your gut" in terms of re-adjusting your schedule and travel plans. That's how most of us here have best managed our battles, after all . . . by following our guts! Yours will not lead you astray!


Sleep well, dream positive, and crossed fingers for your interview on Friday! You're a great mom and wife, and good things will no doubt come your way! :)

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