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I posted this on the Lyme forum also, but since many here see LLMD's in addition to PANDAS docs I thought I should post here too.


We are looking for an LLMD. We are in OH, and there are only 2 in the state, one of whom is not taking new pediatric patients. I am open to traveling, so any names of docs in surrounding states (IN, MI, PA, KY) AND beyond are appreciated. I would like to keep travel to 12 hours or less if possible. That would include the mid-west, some of the north east (NY, CT, NJ), south through the Carolinas and Georgia. I am aware of Dr. L in Indiana and Dr. T in Michigan. Even if you think it might be too far go ahead anyway and give me a name. There are just so few who treat kids. You can PM if you would rather. Thank you.

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