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Looking for LLMD in OH, IN, KY, MI, PA or beyond

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DS9 recently tested positive IgM for Lyme via Igenex so now I am looking for an LLMD. We are in central Ohio, but I am willing to travel. I have a few names to pursue that I received through ILADS, LDA, Lymenet and a couple of forum members here. If you have any names or leads I would really appreciate them or you can PM me. Thank you for any direction. It seems as though it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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S&S--thank you for the cyber support. We are only 4 days into dealing with probable Lyme diagnosis and it's a lonely place to be. After 11 months of dealing with ds's PANDAS diagnosis I was just starting to feel like I had a handle on things. This is a whole new world.

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