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Integrative GSR biofeedback for ADHD - video


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Well, there is a very successful technique developed in Israel for helping ADHD naturally called BEING IN CONTROL - integrating biofeedback, accelerated learning strategies- and sensory integration.


Dear Parent , ADDER -educator, student, therapist- thank you for your attention- I would like to mention that I just released two new video/kits on natural solutions to help ADHD "Being in Control: Natural Solutions for ADHD, Dyslexia, and Test Anxiety"

and A video for biofeedback home trainers and biofeedback practitioners-"Guide To GSR Biofeedback For The Natural ADHD Practitioner"-



Video one description: BEING IN CONTROL:Natural Solutions For ADHD Dyslexia and Test Anxiety http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/9659025130/


Do you, your child, or client want to be a better student? Is it hard for you to sit quietly in class and concentrate? Do you have a problem preparing homework? Do you want to pass exams with less pressure? Then this video may be for just for you. Taking the concepts, techniques, and exercises from the original book "BEING IN CONTROL- Natural Techniques For Increasing Your Potential And Creativity For Success In School" (ISBN-9659025114)" and making them come alive with a 40 minute video rendition. The video portrays in a "roadmap" format topics for improving relaxed concentration for the classroom and when preparing homework -like increasing self confidence; relaxed concentration; seated yoga; creativity; time management; organisation of material; sensory integration; using our senses to relax; biofeedback; games; better cursive handwriting; speed reading; test taking strategies and more. In addition to the CD ROM and book-BEING IN CONTROL/kit - also included are 2 finger temperature strips biofeedback monitors used by many biofeedback practitioners for measuring relaxation- stress levels. Produced and edited with Windows Movie Maker 2 and can be played on Windows Media Player.



And a second video -"Guide To GSR Biofeedback For The Natural ADHD

Practitioner". http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/9659025149/

Podcast Interview with The ADHD Specialist about using GSR biofeedback in ADHD:




The video describes how to use GSR

biofeedback techniques as an physiological objective measure of

relaxed concentration in ADHD and then describes natural techniques

that stabilise the GSR ( electro dermal activity) in ADHD. This

work is based on the finding during my research since 1991 on ADHD

that ADHD people are lacking the natural perception of relaxed

concentration and have to be trained to gain or re-gain this

perception. The work also found whereas the simpler GSR was used to

teach relaxation it was overlooked as a tool to teach concentration

being dwarfed by neurofeedback. My research also found that the new

feeling of relaxed concentration in ADHD is claimed by many ADDer's

to subjectively "feel" better than medication. It also found that

when the feeling of relaxed concentration is lacking- it is actually

stressful to try to relax if you do not know how and this may be

measured objectively by GSR. The research also found that once this

measure is obtained- a variety of client specific techniques can be

tried to find which techniques is matched to that person. My hope is

that this valid measure will be used as a future screening test in

ADHD clinics and schools.


Podcast Interview with The ADHD Specialist about using GSR biofeedback in ADHD:




This GSR guide video is in a package with the book BEING IN CONTROL, the video


ANXIETY, and a research paper showing the science behind the



Also try= Creative Painting For The Young Artist =a book for helping children learn to develop an artistic eye and for anyone to learn what you need to begin to be a creative artist. Great for dysgraphics too.


Jason Alster MSc




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