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a person i know stopped me this morning, distraught, telling me she is taking care of her ex. he had been going downhill, then hit bottom. one leg paralyzed, tingling in fingers, lesions on brain and spine, no memory, can not work or function much. when he was in hosp. with abx, it made his so much worse they were scared. i asked if he was tested for lyme, she said it was neg. i mentioned that i have lyme, and my kids,and we tested neg. lots of times; and that lyme can mimic m.s. and if she can watch "under our skin", there is a spot with a woman in a similar position but found lyme. she was so distaught and going a mile a minute, also wanting advise for disability, i dont know what she actually heard/ or maybe did not want to hear. i was going to send her a link to (i think it was)a lymenet page with lots of articles on this situation. any suggestions on what else to send? i dont want to come across as a "know it all" but this man is very very sick and it really strikes me as lyme. oh, by the way, i think she said she is a physician, so i dont know her stance on lyme, it may be touchy.





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