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This news story had me remembering and wondering.

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Watch the first video in this article. It is of an earlier news report. They interview one of the girls and then it shows a clip of a spokesman from the NY Dept. of Health being interviewed via phone. He first says that they have ruled out environmental and infectious causes, but, he then goes onto say that other factors may be involved....such as strep. Good thing we got the top brains working on this! :huh:



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Hi, everyone. PANDAS Network.org has been getting a lot of emails about the girls in LeRoy. Just posting that YES PANDAS Network.org has already gotten in contact with persons involved. We are getting them in contact with knowledgeable professionals whom will hopefully be able to help them get to the bottom of this and get them the help they need.



Thank you for letting us know this, Vickie.

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Can someone expain this to me. The NYS dept of health won't tell the parents what is going on, citing HIPAA. But that means they must have told the girls themselves, right? So, why don't the girls tell the parents what the docs said? Am I being naive? I know they are teens, but why are the girls (at least 1 of the 12) not telling their parents what the docs said?


Or did the docs just tell the girls they have "Conversion Disorder"?


Big weird coverup.


And all this stuff about "stress making it worse", but not the cause. Good grief, what teenage girl who suddenly went from normal to not being able to drive/attend school w/in a 2 week span (kind of like "overnight" huh?) with wacky tics/movements wouldn't be stressed?


Actually, (I'm rambling now) I wonder if they have Sydenham's Chorea, and not PANDAS.

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