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new diagnosis dysautonomia

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Okay since i was last on here asking about LDA immunotherapy and ocd, my dgtr was in the hospital for 4 days. After MRI, EEG, etc she was diagnosed with dysautonomia. I have been wondering since dysautonomia can be triggered by an infection(strep) if others have children with it? she has gotten worse since immunotherapy and now is homebound cannot go to school. We have tried ssri's and have learned she can only take a small dose, cutting the smallest dose in 1/4 or 1/2. I saw an article on this site discussing this exact finding. Wow! any input, insight appreciated. She still has ocd however there are more worrisome symptoms now, like inability to stand for a short time, major fight or flight symptoms.


one last question are dilated pupils part of pandas? she gets this when she is feeling the worse, it is also a symptom of dysautonomia from adrenaline, which I guess Pandas could be a subgroup. Tilt testing found neurally mediated hypotension. I believe she has POTS - tachycardia being the reason for the hospitalization.





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