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thank you

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just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the PANDAS

( I am sticking with the name PANDAS for now) parents, patients, and advocates/docs.


you are all an amazing group of people. I am so impressed with the knowledge, and the will of all of you (us) that it blows me away. I am sad my son is part of the group but I feel fortunate that we caught this quickly and are getting good care and seeing improvements. If it wasnt for a good friend of mine who told me about PANDAS and this site I dont know what would be going on. I read some of the posts here and I am just really impressed,


thank you,.

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So glad you caught it early, sounds like God placed an Angel in your life! Prayers for continued healing!



I too will be eternally greatful to this site and all the knowledge in this one place....I think back to just 3 yrs ago when I found it &how the content was so different. We have evolved so much as we have learned so much in 3yrs. I have no doubt that without all the info, resources, and support i've found here, my daughter would be much worse off. Thank you, thank you to all of you who have lead me through this journey.



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