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tmj New treatment for Touretts..REAL?

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if you do a forum search here you will find some threads on this


Although it was hyped quite a bit, it did not seem to produce the results that may have been hoped for, at least judging by the feedback from members who tried it.


That is not to say that it will not help some people who may have tics related to TMJ misalignment....


but it is most definitely not "the" cause nor "the" cure for TS/tics per se

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Has anyone done this is this real? http://tmjstack.com




I am convinced in the Sims-Stack therapy. I saw the videos on youtube & tried by having my 11 year old son bite down on a wooden spoon & the tics nearly disappeared (he had 1 the entire time the spoon was in his mouth). as a nurse, I understand the research (that has been published by CRANIO). the last thing I want my son to be taking are psychotropics (i.e. I'm a former psych nurse) but we will have to wait awhile longer for treatment (no health-dental insurance).

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