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Interesting List of Abx and Immune/Inflammation uses

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Just happened to google Cephalexin and anti inflammatory and the first link was this one. NOT related to pandas, but interesting list of antibiotics and why they might be working.....

was considering taking her off, but now....???


My link


very cool!

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Good find! Here's another full paper on the topic:


Immunomodulatory Properties of Antibiotics


Yes, items such as these can make you think twice about taking your kids off. There's also evidence that certain classes of antibiotics can be glutamate modulating, which can also be helpful in kids with OCD and/or ASD behaviors associated with their PANDAS. But that's another topic altogether. ;)


Assuming you have access to antibiotics without a problem, they're not doing damage to your kids' gut, and you don't have an idealogical issue with using them for purposes beyond treating active infection or warding off potential oncoming infection, I suppose your best guide to when to keep your child on, and when to take your child off, might be the impact you see in terms of behaviors off and/or on?


With our DS, for the first couple of years, it would be a matter of 8 or 10 days off of the abx, and we'd start to see fairly dramatic regression in terms of behavioral gains; the OCD would flare up, his distractability would increase, his emotional lability would increase, etc. Now, finally, after nearly 2 fulls years on abx, we've been able to wean him off without any dramatic behavior repurcussions. Why? Not sure. But that's our reality. In our case, because the behaviors are nearly 100% OCD-related, it may be that the glutamate-modulating properties of the abx were picking up where his own chemistry was failing him. Or perhaps the anti-inflammatory properties were helping keep the BBB closed and protect his basal ganglia from further immune system-related onslaught.


The "why" may remain a mystery for another decade or more, so you have to trust your own powers of observation and intuition, IMHO.


Good luck!

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Anyone here every tried roxithromycin (Rulide)? It is not available in the USA, but maybe someone here has tried it that is not in the USA.




This is a good paper: Link


"Comparative anti-inflammatory effects of roxithromycin, azithromycin and clarithromycin" By F. Scaglione and G. Rossoni published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (1998) 41, Suppl. B, 47-50

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Here is another good article, but it is long (37 pages). I have not read it all, but what I have read looks interesting.






"Phagocyte Functions: Immunomodulation Interference of Antibacterial Agents with or ''Immuno-Fairy Tales''?" by Marie-Thérése Labro 10.1128/CMR.13.4.615-650.2000. Clin. Microbiol. Rev. 2000, 13(4):615. DOI:

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