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Tics and yeast?


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Hello all, I've been trolling these forums for some time since reading the Natural Treatments book. My daughter is 6.5 years and has been dealing with tics since 4 years old. She was diagnosed with a tic disorder and we were advised to just watch the progression. The Dr advised us that after a year it would be diagnosed as Tourettes if the condition persisted. No medications or treatment referrals were given.


My daughters tics always come and go, normally developing a new combination of tics when they come back. In the beginning it would be new tics, but then seemed like it was always the same 10 or so tics, but in different combinations (both motor and vocal). They seemed to have been gone for quite some time and I think it may be related to an antidepressant medication she was on for IBS (a much lower dose than what would be given for depression, it was prescribed for it's ability to stop intestinal/stomach cramps well). I stopped this medication due to fears from research about the brain losing it's natural function on handling sertonin, dopamine, etc after being dependant on a drug doing it instead. Since this time the tics have come back full force, including a new set of never before seen tics as well (such as yelling, and an extremely HARD head thrash). I absolutely HATE the ideas of having my child on drugs, but actually went ahead and restarted this medication until something better can be found and started. My poor child is in PAIN from this tic, and I feel like a horrible mother if I hold back something that "may" have been helping decrease and/or eliminate her tics.


I've been doing research into natural therapies and how to go about doing an elimination diet on my own. I hate that insurance doesn't cover naturopathic doctors! What a country we live in. Anyways, I've been feeling completely overwhelmed on where to start and what to do. I'd like to explore the area of food sensitivies and allergies as a number one step, seeing as I have numerous food and chemical allergies/sensitivities and feel it's a great chance that she does as well. However, I feel overwhelmed to the max on how to get this done. I don't have the financial resources to pay out of pocket for testing, and I haven't yet found a doctor willing to believe and agree with my mindset and do the testing. I'm also really afraid to put my daughter through the pain of the testings.


I've recently found a doctor not too far from me, Dr. Bruce Semon in Milwaukee, and his website talks about yeast overgrowth causing things such as tourettes, and also abdominal pain (which my daughter also suffers from constantly). Does anyone have experience with an anti-yeast diet? Is there truth behind this? Is it a resonable first step for us to take? I'm more than willing to travel the distance if this Dr can accept my insurance. Otherwise I guess I'm back to square one anyway because I don't have the money to give them. I'm out of work right now on medical leave, and fighting with my short term disability administator whom keeps denying my claims! So needless to say, I am flat broke.



Any other tips or info that could help me? I'm at a loss and just want to do whatever I can to help my daughter.

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if you do a forum search on candida, candida albicans and candidiasis you will find a lot of info


eradicating candida "yeast" fungal overgrowth helped my son's tics and digestive system greatly

I have some info on it in my signature link as well


we like candida Clear by Now along with an anti-candida diet as recommended in The Yeast Syndrome by Walker & Trowbridge

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I have three children with tic disorders, all of their tics have improved from doing the following:


Removing them from toxic mold exposure.

Taking toxin binding medication to remove toxins for maintenance(can use natual binders too)

Removing gluten - big reduction in tics and improvement in many other areas of their health

Removing lactose - reduced even more tics and improved cognitive abilities (peculiarly got rid of my daughter's constant ear popping).

Removing corn (including high fructose corn syrup) - has an even greater calming effect on their health and has greatest improvement in vocal tics for my children.


If I keep my kids off all of these they are virtually normal kids whom you would never know have health issues. If my daughter has a bite of a corn tortilla she will react with a specific tic. Same thing goes for lactose and gluten. I know when they have eaten one or the other depending on the specific tic they are exhibiting. Keeping my children's diets clean doesn't help if they are exposed to toxic mold, so I am fanatical about making sure their air is clean. I always like to mention that if more than one family member is chronically ill, look for a problem in your environment.


I know others will chime in with their suggestions and experience...best of luck to you, keep searching on these boards, they have been invaluable to me in discovering how to help my children.

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