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Dr. Marc Schwartz -- Jenkintown, PA

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Have you ever done Pex or steroids with any response??

Hi LaurenK,

We tried steroids three times with the most success the first time, though the improvement only lasted 2 days. Dr. T referred my son to CHOP for plasmapheresis, but Dr. Elia at CHOP would not allow it because my son did not meet her PANDAS "protocol."

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ChristianMom: Sounds like you had a great experience! I so hope this all is of great help to your son. I am really excited about my appointment. It actually is for me, not a child. I will ask to be on their waiting list. Although I wouldn't want to take a place which a sick child could fill.


Bless you and your son and thanks so much for that detailed synopsis of the appointment!

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