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Cipro and Mino....Longest you saw herxing?

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Can you tell me how long you saw herxing with this mino. and cipro. combination. I know every kid is different, but was wondering how long you saw it the herxing last before you gave up?


Oh no do not give up because of Herxing! If it is really bad you can decrease doses or spread out the pulses. Bartonella treatment takes a long time and the Herxing lasts a long time. If your child also has PANDAS you will need to try and distinguish between the two as you watch over time. It is not easy because Bartonella and PANDAS can look alike. But, you will identify subtle differences in your child as you observe.


My ds15 has been on Bartonella treatment for 6 months. Right now he is going through a big Herx. We were surprised as the previous Herxes were decreasing in intensity. However, we just changed his Azithromycin to Cipro (both of these have been combined with Rifampin which he remains on continuously). I hope this is helpful. Try to stay the course with this antibiotic combination. It is a good one for Bartonella. Bartonella takes 6 months to a year to treat. Hang in there!

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Thank you for posting that, RNmom, needed to read it.


I am also weary of the herxing with dd lately, been rough.

And of course, hard for me to pinpoint, is it the BEG spray, is it Byron White drops,

and I always think PANDAS, because it all screams PANDAS symptoms.

No strep or sickness anywhere, not even a sniffle, but today she had her famous fever



Anyway, we both are to start Cipro and Rifampin- yikes.

Looks like tomorrow is the day- hope she is okay for Christmas.

Tempted to wait until after.


Hang in there Wanda-me too.

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My son was on mino and rifampin for 8 months for bart. He herxed for 8 months. We decided to change up to treat the lyme side of things for a while. He had started to get more "sickly" and it seemed like the lyme and pandas symptoms started to flare. He is actually doing fairly well right now after herxing from the med change. We will probably do cipro down the line.

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