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inositol vs. glutathione

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unfortunately, the conversations about both are way over my head. in light of trying to change only one thing at a time, if you had to pick, which would you?


i am looking for something to help with anxiety -- not unreasonable or unfounded, actually basis is quite well-founded --it's the fight, flight or freeze reaction that is over the top.


we now have a good psych and some good coping strategies -- ds is doing well with them, but still has times, the switch flips before he has a chance to manage the frustration to use the strategy.


so, i guess -- i'm looking for something to help with calming the immediate frustration and adrenaline rush so as to be able to think to use a strategy. these are usually identifiable triggers that we are working on solutions for; however, it is proving impossible to catch all the land mines before he steps on them.



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If you're talking about glutathione IV I would first try that. But if you're talking about oral glutathione I would try inositol.


In our experience, glutathione IV brought on an amazing calmness over my DD. inositol, on the other hand, had a paradoxical effect on her. Having said that, I know a lot of families have great luck with inositol.

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Agree with Nancy - unless you have access to IV glutathione, I don't think the oral supplement would have enough impact to make a dent in the anxiety. Might help with detox, but if I could only add one thing, it wouldn't be oral glutathione.


My family has had great success with inositol. DD, DS and I have all used it at one point or other. DD is currently at 2.5 grams (47 lbs) and her OCD is virtually gone. She does have small issues with anxiety and perfectionism but I believe that is a copper/zinc issue - that's a different issue.


DD had a bad response to NAC, as I mentioned in the other thread. But I think that could have to do with biofilms and not the efficacy of NAC on anxiety issues.


What I like about inositol is that if you start out using the powder, you can build up doses gradually and tweak over 4-5 weeks. Nancy Xfcfer has said that your sweet spot on dosing can be found by building up to a point where you see the anxiety dissipate but just below the point where you see a manic/bi-polar see-saw effect between silliness and unexpected anger/meanness. That's been true for us. We had started to go beyond the 2.5 grams and saw unprovoked "attacks". We backed down and she settled into a pretty nice "normal".


As NancyD says, not everyone finds inositol to be their answer. Some people really like NAC or SAMe. Unfortunately, it's trial and error. I'd buy a bottle of inositol powder (I like Source Naturals) and do a 4 week trial. The powder can be mixed into anything - is slightly sweet like powdered sugar. We just dump a 1/4 tsp directly onto the tongue and wash it down with a swig of water. That way you don't have to harass them about drinking every last drop or fighting any sort of grittiness for those with food sensitivity/texture issues.


If the inositol didn't work for you, I'd probably put SAMe next on the list. You may also want to look into milk thistle for a "down the road" supplement. It's an excellent liver detox agent and while it isn't the anti-oxidant that glutathione is, it can really help clean out the system and produce a calming effect (but you do need to check if it has any interactions with any medications you're taking - it can change liver metabolism of some medications).

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