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Glutathione video - OMG

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Any idea how long the results last? It's obviously important for the brain - wonder if it helps brainfog.

Check out this excerpt from 2009 letter by the Parkinson's Foundation:




"At this time there exists no compelling evidence

that intravenous glutathione results in any meaningful clinical improvement in

Parkinson’s disease patients. Patients should beware of any medical practices

offering a fee for glutathione treatment of Parkinson’s disease."


Sounds like CDC response to LLMD treatment.

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I don't know anything about the Parkinson's Foundation, but it is well known that the national Tourette's Syndrome group/foundation whatever it is called has a similar conflict of interest. They get their funding from companies making neuropsychiatric drugs, so they are not permitted to promote any idea or treatment contrary to the notion that it is a permanent genetic problem treatable only by neuropsychiatrics. In the end, if not supported by honest people, these foundations can simply become advertising agencies for whatever businesses choose to support them.

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Our Dr. recommended dd and I take the liposomal glutathione - liquid-

it is supposed to be a better delivery system.


We do a teaspoon every other day- I see reaction/die off type from her on the days she takes it

(this is what I believe I see- but it is difficult with her- a lot of back and forth.)


I personally don't feel anything from it- but take it for improved detoxification.


There are also a glutathione suppository. (Not for a child, IMO)

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