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Odd Facial Tic - Eye rolling


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Hi Everyone,


Our ds5 recently started a new tic...pulling his lower eyelids down quickly and rolling his eyeballs upward (if you can visualize). he doesn't do it constantly but when he does it, it's very creepy looking. If anyone else has experienced this, would love to know. It's scary looking.


Also, started swiping his body from feet to head with both his hands.


Thanks everyone, as always!



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Does your son suffer from allergies? My son has a similar tic (without the pulling down the lower eyelids). The opthamologist swears it's from allergies and that she sees it several times a year. They do reduce when he is on eye drops. (Currently on FML drops but also uses Zaditen http://www.zaditen.com.au/ ) Hope this helps a little. Oh, and M's eye tics increase after chlorine exposure too.

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My son does something similar. He doesn't pull his eye lids down, but does roll his eyes up and does a slow, elaborate blink. When he does this, I can see his eyes moving back and forth under his eyelids. This is also a new tic for him and we are currently on our second strep diagnosis. Our PANDAS journey began in September. Every day is a new adventure.

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