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Vancomycen Question

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awhile back, we tried vancomycen for clostridia. my girl seemed to come out of her "stuck" world on this medication during the day, but at night her ocd was severe. everything her always looks worse at night. anyway...we are not having much success with the abx. we have tried lately and i was wondering if anyone ever tried vanco. in combination with anything else before and did you have any luck. any advice is appreciated. thanks

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One thing you said sticks with me and that is "Everything always looks worse at night, anyway." We have been going through this same thing, especially when son is super tired. Could it be a cortisol problem? Too much cortisol, especially at night would make anyone more anxious. We seemed to have broke through that problem (knock on wood) when we added in Minocylcine to the Rifampin.


Just a thought.

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